Match! – New Art Direction

Unfortunately we had to part way with Stefanie, but I still encourage you to go and see her work. What that means for Match! is that I had to find another solution to get the art done. This came in the form of a free vector graphics software called Inkscape. After following some great tutorials from the community, I got a good enough grip that I thought I’d give a try to the design of the tokens. And I am satisfied enough with the results to actually integrate them in the game.

For the most impatients, here is the final result:

all tokens

At first, I did not have a special idea in mind, so I just tried to do something using inkscape, after completing the tutorials I could find, and found the most relevant. Those two came out of the process:

face_test face_test_02_02

I did not think I could expand much on the first one, but I kind of liked the second one, and decided to go more in that way, and see how it would flow.

The next to come were these:

face_test_02_03 face_test_02_04

I reall liked the feel on those two, both a bit iconic, but also organic. I thought that was the way to go, and I continued experimenting in that fashion:

face_test_02_05 face_test_02_06

As you can see, the first green one was not exactly in line with the feel I was now looking for. The second one, however, hit the bullseye. Considering this, it was now necessary to rework the purple one, as it did not really fit anymore. That was a more complicated process:

face_test_02_07 face_test_02_08 face_test_02_08_10

I really liked the idea of a bearded character, but had to admit it would be either above my skills or not fitting. So I went for the three eye one instead. I like the idea of having all its element based on a trinity, but adding the two buns at the bottom granted it a better shape.

Red and orange where the only ones remaining. For those two, I had to actually go search online for tribal masks in order to get a bit more inspiration, but they ended up as you can see on the first image pretty quickly.

I have already integrated them into the build. Small changes are necessary, and some work on the UI will be needed to make them slightly more readable, as in current state, the game gets a bit visually noisy. But progress is good.