Match! – First sketches of art

I found an artist who accepted to collaborate on Match! to create a UI and the tokens. Her name is Stefanie Grunow and you can have a look at her portfolio here:

I really liked what she did for Carrot Quest, and asked her what she could do for Match!. I definitively wanted to stay family friendly, but also have a more innovative style. Hence everything food and candy was prohibited from the start. After a few exchanges of thoughts through e-mail we agreed on exploring the theme “Animals of the Jungle”.

Given the theme, I thought we could also take inspiration in African Art. According to what we could find on the internet, it is characterized by geometric shapes, intricate patterns and bright colors. I sent Stefanie a little mood board to communicate what I thought was a nice style, and she sent me these sketches in return:

token thumbs

I find them absolutely gorgeous and can’t wait to see colors applied to the final versions.