Parallel Run


Parallel Run is a prototype I developed while at GameDuell. The game is still copyrighted to GameDuell and unreleased. It was done in cooperation with a studio called Fishing Cactus.

The idea was one of a constant runner, with the focus put on coin collection and cooperation rather than avoiding obstacles as in classic runners. Players would be matched in pairs on tracks and would get further turns around the tracks if they managed to collect enough coins.

The orginality was to have both players cooperate. The cooperation was done through the use of the different bonuses: higher coin values, magnets, speed slowdowns, etc. Bonuses triggered by either player where applied to both. Players would then have to combine those bonuses in the most efficient way in order to maximise their score.

The game still belongs to Gameduell, but I am allowed to present it on request.

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