A Fistful Of Seeds


A Fistful of Seeds is a board game created during a Berlin Mini Game Jam in collaboration Martin Raue, and with art from Demezou.

Each player is given one of the four fruits or vegetables and is trying to score high with it. Of course, each of the seeds has a different rules for the scoring: carrots need to be in line, apples needs to be separated from other apples, whereas wheat goes in flock and potatoes benefit from pairs.

Aside the fact that at the beginning, players do not know what others are going for, each player has different tiles in hand, not necessarily the ones she needs. The game is then about trying to push others to make a move that might benefit you, without giving them too much.

The complete set of rules and assets can be downloaded on Martin’s github.

The picture you see is the game youc an also create with a bit of patience, some paper and cardboard, and a good pair of scissors.

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